Gwyneth Paltrow Just Set the Record Straight on Her ~Unusual~ Instagram Activity

Savage, Gwyn. 

Gwyneth Paltrow’s social media presence has been out of control lately. The lifestyle guru is our established go-to for all things wellness, but in the last few months she’s also become our celebrity Instagram commentator of choice.

Between NSFW affirmations and hilarious conspiracy theories, Paltrow has quickly evolved into a commenting queen.

Of course, with anything in the celebrity realm, there’s always the question of authenticity. Is GP really devoting her limited free time to trolling memes? Well, according to the legend herself, yes, yes she is.

Paltrow’s latest viral comment received a skeptical fan response from @goldiehawnsolo (spoiler, that’s not really Goldie Hawn). “These comments from Gwyn are fake as f—k. Feel bad for poor millennial that ghost writes them. Hope they are getting paid well or some Goop credit,” the skeptic in question wrote.

The Oscar winner clapped back without missing a beat, writing, “Sit on it I write all this dumb stuff myself you jack—s what else do moms do in the bath with a glass of wine.” [Enter clapping hands emoji here.]

America may run on Dunkin,’ but Paltrow’s fuel of choice is a lot easier for us to get behind.

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