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Jonathan Borge
Dec 04, 2015 @ 8:00 am

Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the few Hollywood darlings that could easily lose her surname and still remain identifiable—just say "Gwyneth" and everyone knows who you're talking about. Along with her acting chops and killer sense of style, Paltrow has proven to have sublime taste through her lifestyle site Goop (and Instagram!). That's precisely why we turned to the star for tips on hosting the perfect, Gwyneth-approved holiday celebration.

So what's the secret? "You know what? If you do it from the heart and you just do it as close to your own tastes as possible, then you can't lose," she tells InStyle. "I think it's only when we try to stray away from what we really know or like in an effort to try and do it like X, Y, and Z that we go wrong. Every time I try to go too far from what I know, I always get nervous."

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Following your instincts may be a sound piece of advice, but there's one must-have at every party. "I think a good playlist is key, 'cause even if the food f---ed up or the champagne is flat, play great music, they can get through it." For Paltrow, a mix of cheery holiday records are essential. "We're getting into the time where I'm getting into my Christmas music, so the Frank Sinatra Christmas album is my favorite, and my entire childhood I listened to that album. So I'm about ready to bust that out."

We've taken note, Gwyneth.

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