A blip in the life of a blonde.


The year was 1996. Gwyneth Paltrow was pre-goop, pre-conscious uncoupling, and she was still very blonde. That is, until she decided to do a total 180 and go to the dark side.

In the same year that she would release Emma, catapulting her straight to the A-list, Paltrow also hung out with John Galliano and Isabella Rosselini in a decidedly dark outfit, complete with a matching dye job.

Remember When Gwyneth Paltrow Went Goth?
Credit: Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Paltrow dyed her naturally dirty blonde locks into an inky black hue and even paired the shocking color with deep red lipstick. To complete the goth ensemble, she wore a lacy column dress with delicate spaghetti straps and an elaborate layered choker.

Up until then, the world was accustomed to seeing Paltrow with a decidedly lighter look. In flicks such as Se7en and Hook, she'd established herself as the blonde, and after this dark period, she went back to it for Shakespeare in Love and Great Expectations.

She'd go dark again in 1999 for a role in Bounce. "I've probably tried everything," she told Harper's Bazaar in 2013 of beauty regimens. Though she hasn't quite tried every single shade out there, she's gone strawberry blonde for Iron Man and been just about every other shade of blonde, from platinum to warm honey.