By Christopher Luu
Sep 05, 2018 @ 9:45 pm
Ian West - PA Images/Getty Images

Gwyneth Paltrow's Midas touch is getting a little tarnished. Goop, the actor's wellness brand-cum-marketplace, was just hit with a $145,000 fine after the Santa Clara County District Attorney and nine other state prosecutors sued it for making false claims about vaginal eggs.

Ian West - PA Images/Getty Images

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According to the Mary Sue, the legal action took place over the claims that Paltrow and Co. made about jade and rose quartz vaginal eggs. They don't, in fact, have any proven medical benefit, but the site's marketing claimed that they did. Goop's product page made bold claims, including the eggs' abilities to "support self-acceptance, flexibility, compassion and forgiveness." The site also includes descriptions of the eggs helping to "prevent shame spirals downward toward depressive states."

The suit looked specifically at the site's Jade Egg, Rose Quartz Egg, and Inner Judge Flower Essence Blend, calling the items out for making unsubstantiated medical claims.

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The district attorney's official statement reads:

"The health and money of Santa Clara County residents should never be put at risk by misleading advertising. We will vigilantly protect consumers against companies that promise health benefits without the support of good science … or any science."

Goop responded to the suit and the subsequent fine, saying that it was taking the D.A.'s advice and will use the lawsuit as a learning experience. The A.V. Club mentions that there's some very specific wording in the site's statement. "Wellness" is not a term that doesn't fall under the world of medical science, so by positioning itself as a "wellness authority," the site isn't subject to strict regulation.

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“The Task Force assisted us in applying those laws to the content we published," the statement reads. "And we appreciate their guidance in this matter as we move from a pioneer in this space to an established wellness authority."

Currently, the description for the Jade Egg has been amended, saying simply that the crystal simply promotes "optimal self-love and well being."