Evidence That Health Guru Gwyneth Paltrow Loves Food Trucks

Gwyneth Paltrow 
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Comfort food and Gwyneth Paltrow aren’t often found in the same sentence together, but the Goop founder and entrepreneur knows what the people want. That’s why her mega-successful brand teamed up with Cadillac on Tuesday to host the Road to Table: A Culinary Experience, aka an opportunity for foodies in Santa Monica, Calif., to head to The Victoria and throw back some freshly cooked-up grub with the star.

“When we were conceiving it, I thought, it’s so L.A. to have food trucks,” Paltrow, dresses in a sold-out Goop Label coat, The Row sweater, H&M leggings, and Christian Louboutin booties, told InStyle at the event, where the on-the-go mini restaurants dominated. “Then, it was the Road to Table, and then the wheels and vehicles in motion, and I thought, instead of having a sit-down dinner, wouldn’t [this) be fun?”

Guests, which included Paltrow pals like Molly Sims (who flaunted her baby bump in a body-hugging dress), kicked off the part at the nearby picturesque Shutters on the Beach, enjoying kale mint and cinnamon plum mocktails along with small bites like chicken pot stickers just before heading to The Victoria in a fleet of chic Cadillac XT5 SUVs.

Goop Event - Embed - Molly Sims
Courtesy Goop

Once inside the space, designed by Stefanie Cove for the evening, Paltrow gravitated toward a plate of butter chicken from India Jones, which she told us was her favorite of the night. Her children, Apple, 12, and Moses, 10, couldn’t help but join in on the fun. A spicy-food loving Moses scooped up a slice of pizza from the nearby Jon & Vinny’s and sprinkled red pepper on top. When he was warned his seasoning might make it to spicy, he replied, “not for me” and gobbled it up.

“They never want to come to my work things, and when I told them it was a food truck event, and it was Coolhau s…” she told us with a smile. “I literally got the Downtown Dogs truck for my son. It’s his favorite thing in the world. This is, like, kid heaven, right? You don’t have to mind your manners. You don’t have to sit at a table with boring grown-ups. They were just like … they ate one of everything. They were very happy.”

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Courtesy Goop

And so were the guests, who feasted throughout the night, ordering up chicken burgers from The Nomad and satiating their craving for sweets with churros from a nearby booth.

While they enjoyed the evening, a variety of top 40 and hip hop hits were played to set the mood, fittingly including Paltrow’s BFF Beyoncé’s “Sorry”. As she headed out with her boyfriend Brad Falchuk by her side, Paltrow was beaming as they held hands and Falchuk wrapped his arm around her.

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The casual evening out, filled with food and friends catching up, felt like the perfect fit in a sea of holiday parties in the city. It was nothing short of an early Christmas present.

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