Gwyneth Paltrow Said She "Failed as a Mother" When It Came to This Milestone in Daughter Apple's Life

The actress and businesswoman's 15-year-old finds her "mortifying."

Between mom Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina candles and dad Chris Martin’s covert workplace visits, it’s safe to say that cool teen Apple Martin is routinely embarrassed by her famous parents.

Paltrow confirmed as much on a recent visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she told guest host John Legend that her 15-year-old daughter finds her “mortifying.”

“If I do anything in public, past just not talking and standing still, she’s like [mouths] ‘Oh my God stop!’” the Politician star told Legend.

And while you may assume that parenting looks a lot different when your net worth is $100 million and the smell of your vagina is the topic of much public discourse, Paltrow appears to be doing the mom thing the typical way: with lots of road rage.

The actress and lifestyle boss told Legend that Apple has her learner’s permit, and though the teen is now “a really good driver,” it took some trial and error on both their parts.

Paltrow admitted that the first time Apple drove with her she “failed as a mother,” explaining that her daughter ran a red light and she “kind of yelled at her.”

“Then she started crying and it was just terrible and I felt so bad,” Paltrow continued. “So then I was like, ‘OK, you know what, I’m just gonna be chill,’ and now she’s an amazing driver and I think I’ve learned from my mistakes.”

“I kind of have road rage in the car,” Paltrow revealed. “It’s like the place I get out my anger. I want to yell at someone where no one can hear me.”

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