Gwen Stefani Tells Artists to Go with Their Gut in Empowering New Interview

Gwen Stefani Linkedin - Lead 2016
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Last month, Gwen Stefani joined LinkedIn, penning an inspiring article about her creative process and drive to stay true to herself. The Grammy winner is back with a new video for LinkedIn Pulse, and in it she gives career advice that everyone should hear.

While Stefani welcomes feedback on her work, she thinks she has found success by approaching life in a genuine way. “I usually just go by my gut,” she said, telling a story of how she insisted of doodling on the cover of her new album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, rather than simply presenting a gorgeous headshot. “It’s not a pretty picture in my life, right now,” she said. She drew teardrops on the cover photo, and insisted that it make the cut for her Target exclusive cover.

“I think that people should always do things from what’s genuine to them and their heart. And try to be true to themselves because people, especially with music, see right through that stuff,” she said.

The rock star also shared that she does read her social media comments and interact with fans (“There’s nothing like being able to touch people”). And while she never thought she would become a role model, she accepts the job. “At a certain point when ‘Just a Girl’ came out, I started noticing my influence, even in just like the way that I dressed. I’d be like, what, that girl is dressed like me right now.”

A successful clothing line and series of record-breaking albums later, Stefani’s advice is something we should all hear. Watch the full video below.

Gwen Stefani on Launching a Successful Album and Handling Feedback from LinkedIn Pulse

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