Credit: @gwenstefani / Instagram

Men may come and go, but a truly great hair stylist is hard to come by. And in the case of our December cover girl, Gwen Stefani? She found her mane man 16 years ago and their relationship is still going strong.

Hairstylist Danilo is the mastermind behind all of Stefani’s rock star hairdos—buns, braids, and blue tips, included. But the Voice coach definitely has a say in the final outcome. “Gwen and I always collaborate on her look,” Danilo says. “We start off by talking about what we want to achieve, but ultimately she trusts me and is completely open to new ideas too."

Credit: Lisa Martin

On the set of our cover shoot, the two decided on an effortless, natural style that didn’t distract from the elaborate couture creations that she wore by Chanel and Valentino, among others. “We were going for what we call “naked” hair,” he says. “It’s a style that has it’s own personality and texture, but with added shine.”

Danilo started off by washing Stefani's hair with a sulfate-free cleansing conditioner, which enhances its natural texture and volume. After combing through a leave-in conditioner, he brushed all of her hair back, misted it with a light-hold hairspray, and then left it to air dry. “This helps mold the hair in the shape that you want it to be,” says Danilo, who also styled her strands around a gorgeous Atelier Versace headband with silk petals (below).

Credit: Lisa Martin

When they're not in the glam room, the longtime pals have a great time listening to tracks that Stefani is working on or visiting with her kids. “She is an amazing friend, a beautiful spirit and and absolutely gorgeous woman,” he says. “And when it comes to her look, she wears it—it never wears her."