By Jennifer Ferrise
Updated Jan 21, 2016 @ 8:15 am
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Ever wonder how the world looks from Gwen Stefani’s point of view? We’d say pretty colorful—especially if you’re wearing a pair of glasses she designed.

The "Used to Love You" singer just launched not one, but two collections of eyewear for her L.A.M.B. and GX by Gwen Stefani brands. She has worn killer sunnies for years, but more recently when she found herself needing to wear optical glasses—boom—an idea was born. “I’ve always wanted to design eyewear, but it’s the perfect timing because now I actually need them,” Stefani tells InStyle. “And I have endless options to choose from!”

How to See the World Through Gwen Stefani’s Eyes
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The star didn't have to look far for inspiration either. “You should see my closet,” she says. “I’ve got drawers and drawers full of sunglasses that I finally cleaned out when I was designing the line. I looked at all of my favorites, including vintage styles, and we worked off of that.”

Stefani, who says she gravitates toward larger frames, put her own twist on everything from cat-eye to square shapes. Her L.A.M.B. line features 12 optical and 13 sunwear styles, priced from $149 to $275, while her GX optical glasses hover around $150 (GX sunwear is on the way next). “My L.A.M.B. designs are a little more chic and elegant and the GX pairs are fun and punky," she says. “I just want people to try on as many options as possible and be like, ‘I feel you, Gwen. These look good on me.'"

How to See the World Through Gwen Stefani’s Eyes
Credit: Courtesy

And though she has been designing everything from stilettos to eyeshadow palettes for years, Stefani says it’s still the ultimate thrill when she sees fans in her gear. “It’s a similar feeling to when I share my music,” she says. "I work hard to create things that I love and when other people end up liking it too, it makes me so happy.”

Check out Stefani’s specs in department stores and specialty optical boutiques nationwide now. Go to for a list of stores.