By Pam Majumdar
Updated Jan 16, 2014 @ 6:32 pm
Credit: Bryan Adams for Guess

International actress and singer Priyanka Chopra wears everything from traditional Indian garb onscreen to designer couture and Zara offscreen, but on most occasions, she's happy as a clam just bumming around in her favorite wardrobe staple -- jeans. So it couldn't be more fitting that the 31-year-old star just so happens to be the newest Guess girl.

Turns out, there's a fun and aww-worthy backstory to her love of her sporting the true blue; there's one special pair (which she calls "a piece of art") in her closet that started it all. "I have these jeans, I don’t even remember the brand because now they’re faded out, since I was in tenth grade," Chopra told exclusively at a New York party thrown in her honor by PAPER magazine and Guess on January 15th.

"I saved up money for a month and bought [them], and slowly, you know, I ripped them! I’m a really great ripper. I am! I’m the most amazing ripper of clothes. I have all my friends in school at that point sign things on it and who wrote with markers. It’s my favorite piece of clothing in my closet. I still wear it!"

Credit: Bryan Adams for Guess

While Chopra is pretty comfortable in casual wear, that doesn't stop her from turning heads with glamorous looks and her signature poise. Her selections come down to knowing exactly the feeling she's going for as well as trusting those who know her best. "You know how you wake up in the morning and you’re like, 'I feel like wearing orange.' Or you may feel like wearing certain clothes, and you have to have a stylist who understands very well what you’re feeling, because only if you’re comfortable in something are you gonna look amazing," says Chopra.

And given Chopra's whirlwind global schedule, we're pretty sure she's got that knowing down to a science. Her year ahead is already looking as busy as 2013, which she wrapped on a high note: being named Maxim India's hottest woman of the year. She's releasing a new single titled I Can't Make You Love Me in the UK on January 20th, and then she's off to Mumbai to co-host the 59th Filmfare Awards at the end of the month.

Chopra's confident attitude is clearly translating into jaw-dropping looks befitting a former Miss World (2000). So what feeling is the actress going for when she's choosing among couturiers? Says Chopra, "My stylist comes and tells me that 'these are the most amazing pieces from designers.' And I end up picking the one that I feel like a star in!"

Yeah, we're feeling that "star" thing about Chopra too! To see more photos, follow Priyanka on Instagram.