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Apr 14, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

Tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy is a two-hour special event—and it’s going to be a wild ride. Fans of the series know that whenever creator Shonda Rhimes needs more time to tell a story, it’s not going to end well for at least some of the characters. And tonight’s episode is no different, according to the show’s star, Jason George. He plays Dr. Ben Warren, a surgical resident who just so happens to be married to the hospital’s Chief of Surgery, Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson). Earlier today, George stopped by InStyle’s New York City headquarters, and without revealing too much, he filled us in about the events that are about to unfold onscreen.

“It’s going down tonight,” said George. “The hospital is under lockdown for a code pink, which means that a kid is missing, and everybody’s trapped wherever they are.” As Grey’s fans know, anything goes during one of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital’s infamous lockdowns—and tonight will be no different. “Ben is trapped with a pregnant woman who was in an accident, and he can’t get to any other doctors,” said George. “The other doctors can get to him either, and he can’t get anywhere in order to perform the surgeries he needs to.” Ben’s solution? “He does it in the hallway,” said George. “And things get raw from there.”

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Performing a sudden and shocking surgery is nothing new for the character, of course. “We’ve already had an incident on the show where a mental health patient was dying, and there was no way Ben could get him down to the OR in time,” said George. “So Ben cut him open right there—and he didn’t have a knife, so he used a clipboard.” That first surprise life-saving attempt put a wedge between Ben and his wife, Miranda. “He got in trouble with the Chief, but it’s one of those things where he doesn’t back down,” said George. “He knows that it’s against the rules, but he stands by what he did. So tonight’s episode ends up going back in that same territory when lightning strikes on Ben once again.”

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And this time, all of his co-workers are ready to weigh in. “The fun part is that everybody has their perspective on what he did and whether or not he made the right call,” said George. “It changes his relationship with each of the other doctors, and—at the end of the day—the person who makes the call is his wife, the Chief.” While George doesn’t know the fate of their romance, the latest drama “changes his relationship with Bailey probably forever,” he said. “Bailey trusted Ben as a budding surgeon, and twice now, he’s gone rogue—so it seems like he has no regard for the rules.” Still, Ben’s feelings are valid. “He trusted her to always his back as his wife, and she’s not backing him up when he makes these calls,” said George. “It inevitably leads to a serious conflict that will change their relationship for the foreseeable future.”

Their marriage is already under close scrutiny on the show. “Ben is in a very weird situation,” said George. “A few other people have similar situations, where they’re a resident dating a doctor or an intern dating a resident—but nobody’s got it like Ben’s got it, because he’s a resident dating the chief. So she’s not his boss, she’s his boss’s boss.” And until now, he was her biggest cheerleader. “Ben pushed her to get that job,” said George. “He supported her and believed in her when she didn’t even believe in herself.”

Bailey’s work was such a motivating force for Ben that she inspired him to change his own career path drastically. “He took a pay cut from being this rock-star anesthesiologist to go back and be a surgeon,” said George. “So there’s this pay disparity—which we’ve talked about before—because she’s making exponentially more money than he is. And he’s fine with that, even though he doesn’t want it advertised.” Still, an imbalance of power and office politics may take a toll on the couple. “Ben still has that confidence of having been a doctor, and he’s also just a really confident guy—so he’s going to do whatever he has to do,” said George.

Tune in to see the drama unfold tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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