Ellen Pompeo and Camilla Luddington LEAD
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If you're pregnant at the same time as Beyoncé, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to copy the pop queen's maternity photos. At least, that's what Ellen Pompeo tries to convince Camilla Luddington in a hilarious new Instagram video.

The two Grey's Anatomy actresses created a too-funny spoof of Beyoncé's viral baby announcement, right down to the floral backdrop and flowing veil. In the clip, Pompeo is directing the photo shoot wearing a pair of ripped jeans over fishnet stockings, paired with a sporty black jacket and beanie.

"You're pregnant at the same time as Beyoncé," Pompeo says. "When is that ever going to happen again, Camilla?!"

Luddington, who is currently pregnant with her first child, is kneeling in a bed of flowers, wearing a purple bra and blue shorts, just like Beyoncé. She starts to question Pompeo's directing strategy when her co-star promptly throws a black veil over her head.

In the video's caption, Pompeo wrote, "We can't help but act a fool," because they love Beyoncé so much.

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Luddington also shared a still from the silly scene, and to be honest, she really is glowing!

We have a feeling these two won't be the only ones to pay homage to Beyoncé's epic baby reveal.