Another incredible trolling moment.


While Greta Thunberg is known for her work as an activist — she's been credited for "waking up" the world to the climate crisis — she's also become renown for her work trolling her detractors. In the past, when she was mocked by President Donald Trump, she simply responded by changing her Twitter bio to reflect whatever insult he tweeted at her.

In December when Trump tweeted that she needed to work on her "anger management," she responded by changing her bio to read: "a teenager working on her anger management."

This week, on her 17th birthday, Thunberg's trolling habits took a decidedly more lighthearted turn when she changed her Twitter name to Sharon. Why would she do that, you might ask? Well, turns out that when Greta's name was the answer to a question on the BBC game show Celebrity Mastermind, contestant and actor Amanda Henderson had no idea who she was. And so she guessed: "Sharon?" (A celebrity mastermind, Amanda is not.)

You can watch it all happen below:

The internet quickly picked up on Thunberg's sense of humor, giving her all the applause she deserved.