Meet Gregory Peck's Sexy Lookalike Grandson, Ethan

There are many names that bear a favorable reputation in Hollywood, among them: Peck (as in Gregory), and Spock (as in everyone’s favorite Vulcan).

Gregory Peck
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Leonard Nimoy as Spock in Star Trek
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Two of the industry’s longtime faves are joining forces for season 2 of CBS series Star Trek: Discovery, which recently announced the casting of Peck’s 32-year-old grandson in the coveted role of Spock.

If you’re unfamiliar with the To Kill a Mockingbird actor’s grandson, let us show you the ropes …

He Looks a Lot Like His Oscar-Winning Grandad (and Also Like Kostas from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)

Exhibit A:

Gregory Peck and Ethan Peck 
Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images; ethangpeck/Instagram

Exhibit B:

Michael Rady (aka Kostas)

Launch Party For Tommy Hilfiger's 'Prep World Pop Up House'
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He’s Rumored to Have Been Mary-Kate Olsen’s First On-Screen Kiss

Mary-Kate (Melanie) and a very authentically French Ethan (aka Michel) lock lips in 1999 classic Passport to Paris. Director Alan Metter told Rolling Stone he suspected it was 13(ish)-year-old Olsen’s “first kiss of any kind, because she was jumpy and did a dozen takes.”

His Longtime Girlfriend Is Also a Pretty Big Deal

Ethan’s dating entrepreneur, producer, and musician Molly Dewolf Swenson. In addition to graduating from Harvard, co-founding a powerful media company, winning an Emmy, and being named to Forbes’s 2017 30 under 30 list, Swenson also keeps an A-list social circle, counting power couple Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder among her close friends.

Oh, and did we mention she’s a super supportive girlfriend?

He Guest Starred on Gossip Girl, As One with Hollywood Connections Naturally Does

Peck played the assistant to yet another bizarre guest star, David O. Russell.

Ethan Peck Gossip Girl Embed

He’s Also a Model (Of Course)

Ethan’s starred in campaign videos for Louis Vuitton and Ferragamo, both of which appear to allude to the golden age of Hollywood created in part by his grandfather.

Salvatore Ferragamo - Ethan Peck - There’s no saturation point for creativity from William9 on Vimeo.

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