Green Lantern
Credit: Eric Charbonneau/WireImage; Courtesy Photo (2)

In one year, Blake Lively’s hair has gone from blond to brunet to blond to red to blond again. It’s hard to keep up! So does she enjoy her constant rotation in the styling chair?I love it, I love it!” the 23-year-old actress told us at the Hollywood premiere of her new movie Green Lantern last night (she’s brunet for the film). “When I play a character I love to completely transform, that's the only way I feel like I can disappear behind them,” she explained. “Having brown hair with for this movie was so much fun, and red hair for the movie I just did Hick.” Did her co-star Ryan Reynolds like her darker hue? Yes! “Ryan named my [brown] hair color Sierra Sunset, which I like.” Us, too! Green Lantern premieres in theaters Friday, June 17th.

Sharon Clott, with reporting by Andrea Simpson