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Updated Nov 21, 2015 @ 7:45 pm
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Bubbly was popped around the world this week in celebration of a (seemingly new) study about the health benefits of drinking Champagne. A two-year-old study in rodents seemed to possibly demonstrate a connection between memory retention and bubbly, and was vigorously revived by several publications including the The Daily Mirror. Although Snopes and the UK’s National Health Service have since debunked both the study’s newness and its radicalness—the subjects were, in fact, 24 tipsy rats, not humans—the fact that remains that Champagne and its less-pricey counterparts, including Crémant, Prosecco, and Cava, are delicious.

And the bubbly trend is a real thing. This week marks the third year of New York City’s Champagne Week. People are starting to seek out less expensive options to pair with low-end treats such as potato chips in addition to fancier caviar, truffles, and oysters. From coast to coast, bubbly bars are making their mark. Here are a few worth seeking out depending on where in our great, fizzy 50 states you are.

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Credit: Courtesy of The Fine Mousse

The Fine Mousse, San Francisco, California

French fries and Champagne? Genius. This new Bay Area watering hole offers duck fat fries with dipping sauces such as grapefruit-curry and yuzu pepper mayo. Sure, they have salads and soup if you want ’em, but the focus is clearly on fries and bubbly: A full seven options by the glass—most less than $12—and ten bottles dominate a tiny menu. So far—one yelper calls The Fine Mousse “like catnip to women!”—it’s been a hit.

Birds & Bubbles, New York, New York

Nothing cuts through crisp, wonderfully greasy fried chicken like a glass of sparkling wine. That’s the theory behind Birds & Bubbles in New York City, a chicken-and-champers restaurant run by Sarah Simmons, a Southern-born New Yorker with a penchant for the food of her roots. $65 snags you a half a fried chicken and a split of Champagne, but you can also order a bird a la carte and one of 46 bottles of bubbly.

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