The Goth Latte Is the Latest Product to Partake in the Unicorn Rebellion

Black coffee isn’t a novel idea—but a latte, that’s actually black (you know, like your soul)? That’s a revolutionary concept if ever there was one.

Like the black-as-night soft-serve that littered our Insta feeds last month, goth lattes also achieve their deep hue from activated charcoal (yum?), which is supposedly super healthy.

Honestly, though, we know it’s 99.9 percent about the ‘gram (no shame). These caffeinated works of emo art are sure to rack up the hearts. I mean, just look at them…

Jury’s out on the flavor, but we’re beyond ready to receive the aesthetic approval of our followers.

Sadly, charcoal lattes are more of a thing abroad, but we’re sure that’s all about to change. With dark days come dark beverages, am I right?

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