If you’ve spent a Halloween dressed as Wednesday Addams, a Saturday attempting to infuse your wardrobe with color, or an afternoon Instagram-stalking your favorite food bloggers, we have the treat for you: GOTH. ICE. CREAM.

Yes, ice cream comes in black now, and it’s our inner middle schooler’s favorite thing on the Internet right now.

The soft serve ice cream in question is sold (and Instagrammed) by Little Damage, an ice cream shop based in Los Angeles.


Black ice cream doesn’t just look good, it sounds amazing. Little Damage’s almond-charcoal soft serve gets its dark hue from activated charcoal—just don’t get confused and end up binging on face mask tonight.

There’s only one question that remains: Goth ice cream vs. Unicorn Frappuccino—who would win in a battle of the unconventional desserts?