Sarah Jessica Parker and AnnaSophiaRobb
Credit: Courtesy of HBO; Courtesy of Warner Brothers

Eric Daman’s run as the costume designer on Gossip Girl may be coming to a close#tears for series finale countdown—but he’s not straying far from the CW’s tween-centric fan base. You’ll see Daman work more of his yes-you-love-everything-the-cast-wears magic for the upcoming series The Carrie Diaries, set to debut on the network this January, with AnnaSophia Robb on board to play a 16-year-old Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City prequel set in 1984 New York City. “This is similar to when we started Gossip Girl,” he told us at last night’s pilot episode premiere at the New York Television Festival. “With the kids on Gossip Girl, they all really grew together.” And we’ll see that in this show, too. (Robb is now 18; Lively was 20 when GG started.) Though, the '80s dictates different looks. “In Gossip Girl, every episode was a giant fashion ball where we needed couture gowns. This isn’t like that. They’re very different eras. This New York is a much brighter kind of neon meets gritty. This is more of an independent film and we have to make everybody ‘80s-appropriate.” We’ll have to wait until January to see all of the fashion moments, but with Daman at the helm, we hope the clothes will be as fabulous as Carrie.

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