Kaylee DeFer
Credit: Getty Images; Courtesy of CW

Gossip Girl has a new Upper East Sider—Serena's long-lost cousin Charlie, played by actress Kaylee DeFer (shown). So, what kind of style can she bring to the fashion obsessed show? We caught up with the CW newcomer to find out. Defer told us that while Charlie goes for nudes and earth tones, she favors things more casual. "I like to have something a little outrageous, a little shock factor," the actress explained of her look. So what's her signature accessory? "My fiancée and I go to flea markets and find vintage glasses frames and restore them. We know this girl in L.A. who makes sunglasses out of them." Click through the gallery for more of DeFer's fashion secrets, including her favorite scents, go-to manicure, and the spring silhouettes she loves.