Blake Lively Made a Culturally Relevant Gossip Girl Meme of Her Own

Blair and Serena's legacy lives on ... Twitter.

Not all memes are created equal.

On April 11, 2020, an internet legend was born, girl. A tweet, which reportedly originated from user @baro_tokiyo, shared a spliced image of Gossip Girl’s Bergdorf-shopping frenemies, Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf. On the top half, acting as dialogue from Serena, are the words “i have to pee,” and on the bottom half, below Blair’s knowing smirk, is the Gossip Girl logo, edited and rearranged to read “go piss girl.”

And so, a Twitter phenomenon began. Different variations on the theme emerged, among them:

The quality of the meme relies on a few key factors: a low-resolution image — I don’t make the rules, but this is vital; following suit, it’s important that the text overlay looks unprofessional, and that the text itself is simple, conversational, yet bears little resemblance to a real-life exchange.

On Wednesday, Blake Lively (Serena herself!) gave the meme her own spin, adding "What should I wear to the supermarket?" as Serena's question, and "Gloves girl" as Blair's response, which she posted to her Instagram story. Points for cultural relevance, Blake.

Blake Lively Gossip Girl Meme

There’s something about the dichotomy between an inquisitive Serena and a Blair ready to deliver a crushing verbal blow that gets us every damn time.

This article has been updated to include Blake Lively's important contribution to Gossip Girl meme history.

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