This week, folks at the Dallas Zoo set out to remind us that humans aren’t the only ones who like to frolic in a pool.

Zola the gorilla was totally feeling it when he, according to the zoo’s video (above), participated in a “swimming pool enrichment session,” whatever that means. Essentially, Zola began to feel the water beneath him. He splashed a small amount up around his hands. He paused, thinking about what to do next. “To hell with it!” he must have thought.

Then, things got out of control. He spun in a circle faster than anyone can and threw his hands up in the air cause—wait for it—Zola the gorilla just don’t care. But seriously, it’s everything. Someone at the end of the video agreed saying “that’s amazing!”

And the Internet thought the same, which brings us to Flashdance.

One Twitter user made the rest of our 2017 and added the film’s iconic “Maniac” jam to the clip.

Enjoy, and watch Zola give Jennifer Beals a serious run for her money.

It’s just too good to even bother describing. The Internet spoke as well:

You’re welcome.