Though Time’s Up hasn’t eliminated the universe’s pervert quota, it really is astounding to see how far we’ve come in just over a year.

Case in point: the internet has dredged up an interview with Sofía Vergara and Gordon Ramsay on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2010, and the contents come as quite the shock to our systems.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Vergara, who had just earned her first Emmy nomination for Modern Family and whose fame was relatively high at the time, appeared on the show to discuss her career and recent travels. Instead, the interview devolved into two powerful straight white men commenting on a woman’s looks and asking her questions that step miles over the line.

To be clear, it’s the Hell’s Kitchen chef whose actions deserve the bulk of our ire, but Leno is hardly blameless — in fact, he began the segment with a joke about her appearance, stating, “Finally, an attractive guest” as she sat down for the interview.

“I never scream that way in real life,” she told the men, referencing a skit that had aired minutes prior. Reaching for Vergara’s knee, Ramsay was quick with a rebuttal: “Not even in the bedroom?”

Matters did not improve going forward.

After a subtle comment about the size of her breasts (Vergara said she “cannot run” due to her bad knees, and Ramsay countered that it was because she’d “knock [herself] out”), the interview moved to the dreaded photo portion.

The Modern Family star shared three photos from a recent trip to Europe: one of her posing with a friend in a white bikini, the second of herself eating a slice of pizza, and the third showing her resting her head on a table while a dinner roll sat on a plate nearby. After lingering on the first image for a beat, the second eclipsed it, sending Leno into mock-outrage. “Go back to the other picture!” he shouted. “Jeez, you think we have a female director … ”

Surprisingly though, it was the second photo that played into Ramsay’s string of dirty jokes. “You have a whole wedge in your mouth at one time? You haven’t heard of a knife and fork?” he asked her. “You don’t eat pizza with a knife and a fork,” she replied, which really fueled this next bit: “You just pick it up and stick it in,” he teased, dissolving into a fit of laughter like a 12-year-old.

When the third image filled the screen, Vergara described how much she’d eaten on her trip, telling the men the photo was taken at a sad time when she realized she wouldn’t be able to eat the bread on the table. Leno followed up by asking the rudest question in the entire world: “How much weight did you gain?” WHAT. WHY. NO. STOP.

A few minutes later, Ramsay actually slapped the side of Vergara’s upper thigh while she was sitting down.

Move to cancel? All in favor say "sexist pigs don't deserve their own TV shows." Thank u, next.