By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Sep 29, 2017 @ 4:30 pm
Gordon Ramsay - Hell's Kitchen -Tout
Credit: Jason LaVeris/Getty

Gordon Ramsay suffers no fools.

Since his famed show Hell's Kitchen premiered more than a decade ago, dozens of chefs have competed to win, and they have become witty insult targets when they've badly bumbled along the way. For season 17 of the franchise, Ramsay is shaking things up even more than we're used to, and we expect some sick burns to follow.

This season will be the first in the show's history to only include former contestants—a Hell's Kitchen All Star season. For a group so competitive and ripe with previous experience, we expect that expectations will be even higher, since there will be no newbies.

To balance the increased pressure, the show raised the stakes even further with the winning prize. The champion chef will be given the position of head chef at Ramsay's first-ever Hell's Kitchen restaurant at Caesar's Palace in Vegas, which is a pretty big deal.

Intimidating? Definitely. Worth it? We'd bet so.

In preparation for a new season of Gordon Ramsay jeers and cheers, scroll through some of our favorite times that Gordon Ramsay coined an insult, and get pumped for the new All Star season 17 of Hell's Kitchen, which premieres Friday Sept. 29 at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.

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