The Good Wife Work Outfit Inspo of the Week: A Flared Jacket Works for You!

The Good Wife
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This season, The Good Wifes costume designer Dan Lawson is exclusively giving InStyle tips for what to wear to work, inspired by the characters’ ensembles on the show.

On this week's episode of The Good Wife, Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) debuted another killer suit. Sure there’s drama happening in the episode—people being killed, people in jail, people moving law firms—but who can pay attention when there’s this suit staring at you from the TV screen? Thankfully, costume designer Dan Lawson gave us the inside scoop—the oatmeal and pearl gray marled wool number is a design of his own for his line 35•DL (available at

“The skirted, flared jacket emphasizes Julianna's tiny waist in addition to creating a wonderful geometrical silhouette,” he tells InStyle of why he picked the look, which he finished with an embroidered black mesh top by Akris.

Your tip: Go architectural. “Pattern and color aren't the only players in the power game,” says Lawson. “Let the angles and geometric shapes of a suit be stars of their own.”

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