The Good Wife
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This season, The Good Wife’s costume designer Dan Lawson is exclusively giving InStyle tips for what to wear to work, inspired by the characters’ ensembles on the show.

Things are getting pretty dramatic on The Good Wife, and it's keeping Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) on her toes. One thing that helps her look like she's always even keeled? Her put-together wardrobe. This week, costume designer Dan Lawson chose to dress Alicia in a gray wool jacket with a geometric pattern over a matching shift—both by Fendi. "The look is rooted in the classic but has amazing flair for a modern take," explains Lawson. "The incredibly styled lines at the waist makes the ensemble look completely fresh and up to date."

Your tip: Pull an Alicia and pick a dress or jacket with some pizazz—you can still look professional without sacrificing style. Says Lawson: “Don't be afraid to be modern!"