The Good Wife Returns for Season Five: What You Can Expect Alicia Florrick to Wear

The Good Wife and Julianna Margulies
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Alicia Florrick is back, ladies! Julianna Margulies's power character returns to TV tonight for the fifth season premiere of The Good Wife, and her impeccably chic wardrobe is coming with her. That's why we phoned up costume designer Daniel Lawson to get all the deets on what we can expect from the woman who knows how to nail her looks in the courtroom and the cocktail party. His promise? There are big changes under way. "There are huge changes coming up in the show, and therefore, the wardrobe is going to reflect that," Lawson tells InStyle. "Alicia's wardrobe is going to have less color this season. It's going to be more streamlined—but I can't tell you why just yet." Already, we can see what he means. CBS released images of the first show, airing Sunday, September 29, and she's wearing a beige jacket by Karen Millen (shown above, left). "It seemed different than what she has worn before," Lawson explains of his choice, "but still in the neutral world that we are going into this season." Her other debut look is a teal jacket by Christian Dior. "This simple blue jacket is very streamlined, and it's a great color for her," he says of this choice. Overall, it reflects the changes—including the big ones—that are going on in her life. "The thought of starting her own firm is empowering, and it forces her to push herself to be less self-conscious about her look and be powerful. Not try to be—just be." Watch The Good Wife, premiering Sunday, September 29, on Sundays at 9/8c.

Plus, take a look back at Julianna Margulies’ wardrobe from past seasons of The Good Wife!

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