The Good Wife Fashion Details: Season 4, Episode 17

Good Wife
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A new episode of The Good Wife premiered last night, in which Julianna Margulies’s character Alicia Florrick spends the entire episode bouncing between the law offices and the coroner's inquest room. She had to dress for the two different locations—suits for the office and coats for the chilly inquest room—which she did with the help of costume designer Daniel Lawson. "The director wanted the coroner's office to look really cold so you could see their breath, and that's what it looked like, but really, the room was hot," said Lawson. "And I had everyone wearing coats, but that's what the story called for!" Get all the details on last night’s looks he picked for Alicia (including Escada, Armani, and Akris) in the gallery, and follow Lawson on Twitter @GoodWifeFashion for the latest updates.

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