The Good Wife Fashion Details: Season 4, Episode 12

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A new episode of The Good Wife premiered last night, in which Julianna Margulies’s character Alicia Florrick hit the campaign trail with her husband Peter (Chris Noth). ”Alicia is being drawn towards Peter and going back to having a physical relationship," costume designer Daniel Lawson told And as their relationship heats back up, Margulies's wardrobe is taking on a more self-aware feel. "We can't be overt about it, but we're seeing her get a sense of her sexiness." For her scene with Peter on the campaign bus, Lawson chose a body-hugging La Petite Robe di Chiara dress and cherry red Prada jacket. “This one is a very interesting,” Lawson said. “It's all about seeing her in a bit of sexiness. When you're conscious of your wardrobe and your clothes touching your body, you're more conscious of who you are.”

Plus, learn more about last night’s wardrobe!

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