The Good Wife
Credit: Courtesy Photo; Jeffrey Neira/CBS; Alex Reside for

A new episode of The Good Wife premiered last night, in which Julianna Margulies’s character Alicia Florrick had an internal battle about right and wrong, in and out of the courtroom. There was no wavering on her wardrobe however, with costume designer Daniel Lawson dressing the principal star in another series of enviable work suits. “This year has been a really good time for clothing on Alicia,” Lawson told, a repoirtoire that includes Escada and Akris, as shown here. “We’ve been able to find some magnificent pieces. And it’s not finding a magnificent piece, it’s about finding a magnificent piece that works with the story. We’ve been lucky that we’ve had a wonderful marriage with those two elements this season.” Click through the gallery to learn more details about the fashion last night!