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Mar 08, 2015 @ 9:33 am

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Publishers have been promising us the next Gone Girl pretty much since the moment Gillian Flynn hit print on that manuscript. But as far as page-turning, head-spinning, totally engrossing psychological thrillers go, nothing has been able to hold a candle to it.

Until now.

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In The Girl on the Train, the deliciously chilling debut from British author Paula Hawkins, we meet a trio of unreliable narrators whose increasingly interlocking stories collide in spectacular, mind-bending ways.

Rachel, a 30-something Londoner, bides her time on the commuter rail daydreaming about one particular house she passes on her route and the perfect-looking couple inside it. But one day, Rachel sees the woman kissing another man. And the next day, the woman goes missing.

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Rachel speaks up, but no one seems to trust her. Is she just a harmless voyeur? Or is there more to the story? Once we start to hear from the missing woman, and from Rachel's ex-husband's new wife, the answer to that seems clear.

We'll say no more--as with any good mystery, the less you know, the better--but trust us, this is one train you don't want to miss.

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