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Mar 03, 2016 @ 1:15 pm

All moms say it’s not fair to have to pick a favorite child, but Goldie Hawn wasn’t afraid of gushing about her 36-year-old daughter Kate Hudson last week in L.A., where The First Wives Club talent was eager to celebrate her only baby girl’s new book, Pretty Happy.

“I’m extremely proud of my daughter. She’s done amazing work. She’s worked on herself, which I think is important. I think that’s probably the most important, and she’s passing on a beautiful message. And I’m really excited about it. I’m proud of her for many reasons. A mother is proud, and a mother wants to be proud, right? And a mother wants to like her child. And I love all of it,” she told reporters inside of the Fabletics-hosted A-list dinner, where Hudson, co-founder of the brand, gave guests an opportunity to shop new spring styles from the March collection.

Hawn is of course overjoyed by the maturity of sons Oliver Hudson, Wyatt Russell, stepson Boston Russell, and her growing family, too (“I’ve got my grandchildren, which I’m extremely happy about, and I have three sons. So it’s a full life. It’s amazing,” she added). However, it’s Kate who’s scoring the gold right now.

“Kate’s done some really, really important things. I see Katie as someone that will continue to grow. And what I’m loving is her love of what she’s doing. She’s inspiring people, which I think is really important,” she remarked. “Because it’s one thing to be an actress, it’s another thing to be able to go out and be an inspiration to others. Take off the code of actress and show who you really are. So I’m very proud of her for that, and that’s an important thing because it’s who you are, not what you do.”

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Hudson naturally enjoys showing the world what she’s really like, taking to Snapchat to offer a peek at her hilarious antics and Instagram to deliver a serious case of frequent #fitspo. Keep on winning, Kate.

—With reporting by Brandi Fowler

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