What is it like to be inside InStyle’s Golden Globes Viewing Dinner and after-party? Nothing short of spectacular! This year, InStyle Editor Ariel Foxman takes you inside the action—read the diary of his night below.

The Golden Globes last night was really fun. Usually, people come in with all these preconceived notions about who’s going to win or there ends up being one project that sweeps. Last night was not like that at all. It was one of these unique evenings where there was something for everyone, which meant there was a room full of happy people because everyone had something that was close to their heart that won. Separately, of course, the gowns were gorgeous. There was a full range of looks—not one silhouette or color swept the red carpet. To me, that means it’s going to be a really exciting red-carpet season moving forward. These are just a few of the moments that made the night so memorable.

My Hilary Duff Reunion

The first photo shoot I ever did for InStyle featured Hilary Duff. It was for one of our special issues, Your Look, about seven or so years ago. When we saw each other tonight, we bounded over to each other. It was totally a throwback, nostalgic moment. Now, I am so excited to see her new show Younger, coming to TV Land this March.

Tracee Ellis Ross’s LOL-Worthy Convo

Trace Ellis Ross (in vintage Yves Saint Laurent) of Black-ish was one of my table dates during the InStyle viewing dinner. She’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. I asked her if she had any allergies because we were prepared to get her a vegetarian or gluten-free meal. I turn away for a second and as soon as I look back, she has a basket full of bread on her plate and said ‘No allergies, I’m good.’ I thought, well, there goes my myth about celebrities not eating carbs! She kept us in stitches all night.

My Heartfelt Connection with Julianne Nicholson’s New Project

Julianne Nicholson was another one of my table dates. We really bonded because she is about to take on a role as a teacher in a high school in the Bronx and my partner is a principal in a high school in the Bronx. We spent the evening texting with my partner about Bronx education. It was an unexpected conversation topic for the Golden Globes.

Seeing Our February Cover Girl, Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer was the first ceremony guest to come through our door, and once she did, she beelined over to me to thank us for support of the film and the February cover (pick up your copy on newsstands and available for digital download now). She was so happy with the images inside the magazine, which were taken by Michelangelo di Battista. We talked a lot about Cake and the evening and her Saint Laurent gown. It was just so great to see her.

The Most Lovey-Dovey Couple on the Carpet

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend win Best Red-Carpet Couple. I loved watching them on the red carpet because they’re so madly in love. I could see them from the side, and they were lovingly caressing each other the whole time. Right after I took this photo, I told Chrissy that she looked gorgeous in her Zuhair Murad beaded gown. She told me it was uncomfortable and that she had “beads in all the wrong places.”

Rita Ora’s Bling

We just shot Rita Ora for the March issue and she wanted to come and meet the person who allowed her to do the shoot and say thank you. She was in red Zac Posen, and she had on all these borrowed Lorraine Schwartz diamonds. She jokingly told me, “I hate diamonds. I really, really hate diamonds.” I told her, “Well, that’s a real hardship that you have to wear them.” I asked to take a picture of her dress, but she wanted it to be about the diamonds “because they’re so horrible,” she joked. She also had a matching diamond earring that she wore to highlight a new smiley face tattoo on her right ear.