Golden Globe Dress Predictions: Celebrity Designer Zuhair Murad Shares His Insight

Zuhair Murad Golden Globes
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Designer Zuhair Murad is no stranger to dressing some of the hottest A-listers around. Naturally, with award season in full swing, we were determined to pick his brain on what we can expect on the red carpet. Murad gave us an insider's perspective on the designs he'd love to see on the stars he has previously outfitted (Golden Globe noms Taylor Schilling and Amy Poehler included), and those he hasn't: Sandra Bullock and Lupita Nyong'o. Read his predictions below:

Taylor Schilling: "I’ve had the pleasure of dressing Taylor several times this past year, and what I love about her is that she embodies such a classic, elegant beauty and can wear virtually any genre of fashion. She tends to opt for more body-conscious silhouettes, but I see her in one of my favorite looks from my Fall 2014 Couture show (above). The gown features a black velvet branch design that wraps the body while the asymmetrical chiffon sleeve creates a dramatic cascade that frames the figure. Paired with her striking blue eyes and a red lip, it’s a red carpet look destined for a big stage win."

Amy Poehler: "I was thrilled to hear that Amy is co-hosting the Golden Globes this year. Aside from her slew of dressing opportunities during the awards, I see Amy in my favorite jumpsuit from my Spring 2014 collection (above). Last year, she donned a flattering black tuxedo that suited her style and personality perfectly. I think a jumpsuit marries Amy’s innate sense of glamour and her playful sense of humor."

Sandra Bullock: "Sandra has a timeless beauty, and her red carpet style tends to step outside of the box. She can do color, drop waist silhouettes, embroidery—you name it, she’s worn it. In 2013, I saw a new Sandra—she’s elegant, her body is flawless, and her confidence is through the roof. This year, Sandra doesn’t need over-the-top glamour to make a statement, she’s already on top."

Lupita Nyong'o: "A fashion star on the rise! Lupita entered the fashion scene fearlessly, opting for modern silhouettes and color. I’m eager to see her sexier side at this year’s awards, perhaps in a long-line gown in a bright color with sheer panels to enhance her natural curves."

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