By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Sep 30, 2013 @ 6:16 pm
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Chalk it up to her mile-high coiff, perfect cat-eye, and blood red lipstick, but Elvira is always a popular costume choice every Halloween. Now, thanks to her seductive trio of fragrances, you can invoke your inner temptress if you're planning on paying homage to everyone's favorite Mistress of the Dark. The star has teamed up with Demeter to create three sultry scents, and we caught up with her to get all the details on each one! "I've been wanting to do a fragrance for a while, and I loved Demeter's," she tells exclusively. "One of my favorites was Holy Water -- I always keep a bottle with me, you know, just in case vampires are around." Elvira's own collection includes Elvira's Black Roses, Elvira's Vamp, and Elvira's Zombie, but this isn't her first foray into fragrance -- back in the '80s, she had a scent called Elvira's Evil, but these three are brand-new and very Elvira. "Typically, I like dark, sexy scents, and I like fragrances with musk and vanilla bean in them, because I read that when guys aren't thinking about sex, they're thinking about food," she jokes. "Vanilla bean reels 'em in! I love all three fragrances, but I especially like Vamp, because it contains both vanilla and musk." Elvira's Zombie is an earthier scent, incorporating notes like tobacco leaves, red poppies, and black vanilla bean, while Elvira's Black Rose blends rose water tea with Bulgarian rose and amber for a truly unique take on the perennial. "It's not that cloying rose perfume your grandma wore in the car when you were a kid," she adds. "It's a more beautiful, deep, dark scent, and I love it." Pick up the Elvira fragrances, priced from $25 to $40 per bottle, at

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