Go Inside Jennifer Lopez's Major Closet (and Yes, Her Infamous Versace Gown Is Hanging in It!)

Jennifer Lopez
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If this isn't one of the most incredible closets on the planet, then we don't know what is. Jennifer Lopez appears on the cover of this week's issue of People, and she took the magazine inside her enormous and wow-inducing clothes-storage room. But, as you can see in the video below, the space is much, much more than just a closet—aside from the rows on rows of sky-high heels, piles upons piles of denim jeans, and racks of gorgeous gowns, there's a full hair, makeup, and studio space that Lopez uses when she's getting ready for events.

In the clip, the star reveals that she actually pulled from her own wardrobe to outfit herself for her role as Claire in the thriller The Boy Next Door (in theaters Jan. 23), where she plays a newly divorced teacher who falls in love with a younger man before their affair takes a dangerous turn.

"It was a really low budget movie so we had to go in my closet and find stuff that was lived in—stuff I had for years," Lopez shares with People in the video. "The character herself is a teacher, so it’s not like she’s going to be in designer clothes all the time. We needed to find some jeans. So we used one pair from my Kohl’s collection—boyfriend-cut, casual jeans."

Aside from jeans, she also took outerwear, shoes, and more of her own personal pieces. "I might have bought this jacket eight or 10 years ago," she says of a wool coat. "It’s Elizabeth and James. Yes, I’m a fan of the Olsen twins. My mom was a teacher, my sister was a teacher. So I thought of them too."

If you're wondering about the triple threat's infamous plunging Versace dress, it too is displayed in her closet. However, Lopez explains it’s not exactly her character's style. "Claire would probably not wear this Versace dress. It might be a little much for Claire. That’s more of a JLo. dress." See where she hangs her Versace gown, and take a full tour of Jennifer Lopez's incredible closet in the video below.

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