As of late, St. Patrick's Day has unfortunately become synonymous with partying and drinking copious artificially colored beverages. But seeing as the holiday falls during the workweek this year, we've decided to leave the green beer to the bar crawlers and kick off our day with a healthy green libation instead. This recipe, appropriately called "Love at First Sight," comes courtesy of Marcus Antebi, founder of The Juice Press, the N.Y.C. purveyor of cold-pressed juice. "Anything green on the planet is going to be rich in phytochemicals and minerals," Antebi tells InStyle. Plus, he adds, superfood-packed drinks help stimulate your body and curb your appetite. Consider this an Irish blessing. (Bikini season is fast-approaching, after all.)

Love at First Sight

Yield: 16 oz of juice

Ingredients: 1/2 lemon 2 green apples 6 pieces of kale Handful of spinach


1. Using a standard rotary juicer, toss in the kale and spinach and top the mixture with 1/2 lemon and green apples. Blend all ingredients together until smooth.