Gmail unsend - lead
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We've all been there—whether it's a typo when you're applying for a job or a message sent to the wrong recipient, chances are you've hit "send" on an email and regretted it. Hey, even Sofía Vergara's character on Modern Family wasn't immune—remember when she mistakenly sent Claire a not-so-nice note about a bake sale?

Modern Family - email - gif
Modern Family - email - gif

Everyone including Gloria can all rest easier now, because the folks over at Google are about to make that kind of instantaneous regret a thing of the past. Today, Gmail officially added an 'undo send' option. The feature, which users must enable themselves, allows you to choose to have your sent messages delayed for five to 30 seconds in case of a change of heart. The feature is also available on Gmail's mobile app, Inbox.

For instructions on how to enable "undo send," head over to Google's official updates blog,