By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Jan 23, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
Glow in the Dark Hair - Lead
Credit: Instagram/@scunci_hair ; Instagram/@autumnbottom23

Just when we thought oil slick highlights were the latest Instagram-born color trend going viral, along comes glow in the dark hair. Unlike the plastic stars affixed to the ceiling of your childhood bedroom, however, the day-glo highlights above need to be seen under a black light for the full effect. When viewed under normal lighting, the hue looks more like a super-bright neon tone. For those of us who don't abide by the Party Monster aesthetic, it may not be the most realistic hair trend out there, but for those who do, the end result is pretty stellar. "Glow in the dark hair is realistic if your real world includes spending time in dark places with ultraviolet lights like a night club or trendy bar," says George Papanikolas, Matrix Celebrity Stylist. "It would be a great look for club kids, or parties inspired by Coachella's Neon Carnival where they heavily use black lights to bring glow in the dark colors to life. I would also recommend this look for artistic people who tend to have less limitation on their appearance."

Similar to the way pastel hair color requires bleaching of your natural hue, glow in the dark colors need to be applied over an uber-light base, so brunettes will need a significant amount of lightening first. That being said, you'll definitely want to see a professional rather than going to town with a jar of Manic Panic. "Anyone who is looking to get bright, neon hair should definitely consult with a stylist to make sure they're a suitable candidate in regards to the integrity of their hair," says Pravana guesta rtist Darnell Wold. "You must keep in mind that your hair will need to be pre-lightened to practically platinum for the best results." Papanikolas suggests a slow and steady approach: lift the color over multiple sessions, and start with the tips. You can expect the color to last for a few weeks, and the more intense it is, the slower it fades. Avoid lathering up too frequently, and when you do, opt for a color-preserving formula like Matrix ColorLast Shampoo ($16; Or, fake it til you make it. "If lightening your hair isn't an option, find a wig style of your choice and have it custom-colored by a professional so you can shine as bright whenever you like," Wold says.