Glossier Face Masks
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If the world wide web of beauty were a high school, Glossier would be the new girl in your class who is so cool, it would almost be intimidating if you two hadn't already bonded over her edgy ensemble straight from the pages of Urban Outfitters' latest catalog. When the coolest girl in school comes by your house for a sleepover, smoothing on a face mask while poring over the latest celebrity news is a given ritual, so it's only appropriate that the beauty brand has launched two ultra-nourishing masks you need in your skincare routine, stat.

First up, the Moisturizing Moon Mask (top, $22; is perfect for giving your complexion that extra jolt of hydration it needs in the dead of winter. Jam-packed with ingredients like, hyaluronic acid, aloe, honey, and shea butter, the moisturizing formula works on all skin types to reduce fine lines, soothe irritated areas, and impart an overall dewy appearance.

In what we're considering a kale smoothie for your complexion, the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack (bottom, $22; incorporates nutrients from spinach, avocado, parsley, and cress sprouts to give your skin a juice cleanse-worthy detox. The greens also work double time as a shield against environmental irritants, and is the ideal remedy to an unexpected breakout, or the dreaded morning after accidentally falling asleep in makeup. (No judgment---it happens to the best of us!) Both masks can be used in conjunction with each other---we recommend starting with the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack to give your skin a deep clean, then following with the Moisturizing Moon Mask for some TLC. Shop both products for $22 each now at!