By Erin Lukas
Updated Mar 14, 2016 @ 9:00 am
Credit: Courtesy of Glossier

Your Glossier stacked top shelves are about to get a lot more colorful. Since its launch a little over a year ago, we (and the rest of the Internet) instantly became obsessed with Glossier’s sticker-coded collection of skin care essentials and the sold-out Boy Brow brow gel, which is so popular it currently has a 10,000-person waitlist. Now, the brand that’s the brainchild of founder & CEO Emily Weiss is entering phase two of its ultra-cool existence by adding makeup to its collection of products to compliment your effortless Glossier glow.

The Phase 2 set ($50; of makeup staples meant to enhance what you currently have going on, includes the return of the game-changing Boy Brow gel ($16; that was inspired by men's mustache wax, and two new products: concealer and lip stains. “We all have an editorial background, so we’re obsessed with the narrative of this story,” Weiss told InStyle about the makeup launch.

Credit: Courtesy of Glossier

First up, the Stretch Concealer ($18; available in five shades that compliment a variety of skin tones, has buildable coverage that glides on smoothly thanks to game changing elastic micro waxes that work with your skin instead of caking on top of it—a dead giveaway that you’re wearing concealer. Weiss says that Glossier decided on including a concealer in its first range of makeup products because its customer asked for it, and when their customer speaks up, the brand listens.

Although the formula is loaded with nourishing oils, product feels ultra-lightweight going on, but still offers enough coverage to camouflage dark circles and red zits.

Credit: Courtesy of Glossier

As for the Generation G ($18; lip color, it’s that effortless soft flush of color that doesn’t look like you’ve tried too hard. Available in four shades (Like, Cake, Jam, Crush): two neutral to enhance your natural coloring, and two vivid for more color payoff, each has a unique sheer matte finish that takes seconds to apply because it glides on like a tinted balm.

Shop the Phase 2 Set now exclusively on and if you’re dying to get your hands on Boy Brow, we suggest acting fast or your brows will be sorry.