Into the Gloss Launches Products (and We're Officially Obsessed)

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Into the Gloss has given us serious product envy since it hit the internet, profiling the chicest tastemakers and giving us the juicy details of their makeup, skincare and hair routines. Now their founder Emily Weiss is extending the brand to include a curated line of beauty basics that sets out to define beauty for the millenials. Weiss describes the collection as the first “content driven, vertically integrated beauty brand.” The first phase, launching today is "skincare as makeup" and includes a Soothing Face Mist, Priming Moisturizer, Perfecting Skin Tint and Balm Dotcom, all of which are designed to work together to create the dewy glow we all covet. The products range from $12 to $26, and the set can be purchased for $80 directly at, where customers can also find editorial content on the g.IRL (Glossier in real life) blog. We're already addicted to the sexy packaging and the less-is-more philosophy so naturally we couldn't wait to sit down with Weiss and find out what she has coming up next.

For someone who is so obsessed with products, how did you come to create such a pared down line?It really came naturally. I wanted to strip everything away and just think about the essentials, and the order in which you get ready and build up your face. What do you really reach for every day? And what are the things that will make you super glowy and dewy and moisturized without looking like an oil slick? That’s how we landed on this lineup.

If you expanded the line what would you add next?Well, we’re definitely expanding! We’re doing a super fun product for going out around the holidays. That will be in November. And then next year, we’ll keep going by introducing really curated mini collections of products that, hopefully, will become modern staples. I want to make things that sit front and center in your cabinet, not the stuff under your sink that you hang on to “just in case.”

You were one of the first really well-known beauty blogs – how do you think think blogging and social media have affected the beauty industry?I think, hopefully, they’ve solidified the fact that beauty purchases are mainly through word-of-mouth and people you trust, like your friends, and not brands. That’s why people enjoy ITG--because, hopefully, it’s become a sort of trusted friend who happens to be really well informed, who will tell it to you straight. We’re taking that same approach with Glossier. It’s not “marketing speak,” it’s me talking and other real girls who just really like beauty and have a sense of humor about it.

Do think of these as your beauty basics?Absolutely. I’ve been creating them from scratch for the past 9 months, so it’s pretty much been all that I’ve been wearing!

What beauty / hair / skincare product do you wish you had created?There are a bunch… and we’re making them! It’s going to be a really exciting next 12 months of just following our gut and making the things that we wish existed.

Beauty is clearly having a 90s moment – what look from the 90s are you loving right now? Which do you hope stays in the past?I love fresh, glowing bare skin--obviously. I think it’s brave, and allows you to just breathe and relax for a minute.

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