Revenge Season 3, Episode 17 Recap: All The Exclusive Fashion Details Straight From the Show's Costume Designer!

Revenge Fashion Credits
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With Emily hosting an especially-glamorous Monte Carlo-themed event on last night's episode of Revenge, we can only predict what Ms. Thorne and each member of the Grayson family have planned! News of Emily's event reaches the Grayson household, where Daniel convinces Charlotte to help him go after Emily's friends, with the exception of Jack. "He's on a mission," says costume designer Jill Ohanneson. "You can totally see him morphing into his father with the arrogance, confidence, and all of the bravado in his attitude." Emily then takes an impromptu trip to the Caribbean, where she meets with Aiden to get information about Pascal. Aiden is understandably still upset and turns her away, despite that Emily misses him.

Big career changes are in store for Margaux -- the Voulez editor is offered an editor-in-chief position in Rome, but she is intents on taking the magazine from her father Pascal, and doesn't want to leave Jack. In an attempt to manipulate her plans, Daniel mentions Jack's relationship with Emily to Margaux, which causes some suspicion. Meanwhile, Stevie tells Conrad that she was pregnant by someone else while she was married to him, but doesn't reveal that she is Jack's birth mother. Jack attends Monte Carlo night with Margaux, who has just blackmailed her father into giving her full control of the magazine. The two have a small argument that quickly blows over after Jack convinces her that he and Emily are not involved. "Jack is no longer the poor Porter boy who is on the outside looking in on this world," adds Ohanneson. "His mother and Margaux have allowed him to enter the inner circle, and it's really exciting."

Jill Ohanneson - Revenge Costume Designer
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Daniel's party-crashing antics made almost as big of a statement as the white dinner jacket he wore to attend Emily's event, and of course, Victoria and Charlotte are along for the ride. Emily returns one of the Grayson credit cards to him -- after paying for the entire event first, of course -- and Pascal then sets Emily and Victoria up against each other in a high-stakes poker game. Emily shocks everyone by placing her engagement ring from Daniel down as the bet, only to find out that Victoria folded the winning hand as part of her plan to get Emily alone with Pascal. Pascal suggests an alliance to Emily, but she rejects his offer when she suspects that he is recording her. Pascal promises never to betray Victoria, and the two kiss after he brings her the deed to Grayson Manor, which Conrad had received from Stevie earlier in the day. Each week, we speak to Ohanneson, who tells us all the exclusive details on what the Hamptons' finest wore, and why she chose each specific piece. Click through our gallery to get all the details now!

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