Credit: Jill Kerswill

These ladies are out to shatter the idea that women have to look a certain way to be beautiful, and they're doing it quite colorfully.

A group of body-positive women came together to hold their third annual “Glitter Extravaganza” in Australia earlier this month, where they all took part in a photo shoot meant to celebrate their bodies. The gathering consisted of 15 women of all shapes and sizes, ranging in age from 19 to 36. They initially met on social media, and bonded over their shared love for lingerie—but it quickly led to something deeper.

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Credit: Jill Kerswill

The gorgeous ladies pose in nothing but a smattering of head-to-toe rainbow glitter in the series of images, all taken in the name of shattering stereotypes.

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Credit: Jill Kerswill
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Credit: Jill Kerswill

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Credit: Jill Kerswill

"Our focus is encouraging women everywhere to embrace the bodies they have, regardless of what they have been told is acceptable by mass media," Bonnie, one of the participants, told HuffPost. "We’ve had enough."

Talk about a powerful statement.