Before Kylie hit the Met Gala, Glenn took the Oscars. 

By Isabel Jones
Updated Jan 22, 2019 @ 4:45 pm

Glenn Close is incontesably one of the greatest actors of our time — and she has seven Oscar nominations to prove it (and ZERO wins which makes about as much sense as using lasagna to reveal the gender of your baby). Somehow, year after year, Close has walked away from the ceremony without a new gilded accessory — she has three Emmys and three Golden Globes though, so save your tears for, uh, Bradley Cooper?

But 2019 may just be her chance to fulfill a dream 36 years in the making, even if the Best Lead Actress Oscar finds its way into Lady Gaga’s (also very deserving) hands. Because there’s one category in which the Wife star has no equal: Best Red Carpet Sunglasses.

On not one, but three (!) separate occasions, Close wore sunglasses on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, and though it’s not a super common trend, we think she did it the best (sorry, Kylie).

Behold, Glenn “Blocking out the Haterz” Close donning a trifecta of red carpet shades that will, if nothing else, define her Oscars legacy.


Close, accompanied by film producer boyfriend John H. Starke, paired her round shades with a black gown, a swath of sparkly blue fabric lining its front. And in case you needed further proof that good ol’ Glenn is a red carpet boss, she’s carrying glittery elbow-length gloves in her hand.

KMazur/Getty Images


Glenn walked the carpet stag this year, and for good reason — Close, her tiny John Lennon-style sunglasses, blonde curls, and floral suit deserved every ounce of your attention.

Ron Galella, Ltd./Getty Images


Close and the late Gregory Hines took a jolly stroll down the red carpet in their matching round-lensed shades. Ever the red carpet provocateur, the Fatal Attraction star wore a long black tunic with glittering silver trim and pants (!) for the occasion.

Russell Einhorn/Getty Images

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