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Credit: Courtesy of Stella McCartney

When it comes to fave mother-daughter duos, mark down Glenn Close and her daughter Annie Starke on the list. Now add another dimension by dressing them up in some signature Stella McCartney tailoring, toss in a couple puppies, and get them to chat female empowerment—this might just be the content series we never knew we needed.

The iconic actress (and six-time Oscar nominee, NBD) poses alongside Starke in the downtown New York Stella McCartney store, joined by furever friends Pip the Havanese and Mr. Big the Labrador—a true family affair. Some clean flash photography, a few captured goofy faces, and an intimate Q&A later—clearly, this is a double act could never get bored of.

See above for a clip of the duo’s shenanigans and scroll through for an excerpt of their Q&A session. Then head over to for the full interview and to shop the covetable pieces.

Do you think fashion and style have the ability to empower women?
Close: Absolutely! Personally speaking, I played Teddy Barnes in Jagged Edge, a breakout movie, at the time, in which the leading lady was a lawyer. Ann Roth designed some wonderful “power” suits for me, which helped define my character in the courtroom. I later played Patti Hughes, in Damages, and wore fabulous suits in that as well. Patti’s style was not as uptight as Teddy’s. Patti was her own boss and preferred deceptively casual open-collar shirts which and played into Patti’s genius for keeping people off-balance. In my life, I always feel most powerful and relaxed in clothes that are basically classical, comfortable and made out of beautiful fabrics—nothing too “in.” I feel powerful when I feel true to myself. Learning what that means has been the challenge of a lifetime!

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Credit: Courtesy of Stella McCartney

You brought your dog Pip along to the shoot and are a keen supporter of the charity, Puppies Behind Bars. Tell us more about the work they do and how people can show support?
Close: I brought Pip to the shoot because I knew that he would be very well behaved and would basically do anything I asked him to do! He is a sweet, devoted, and funny boy.

Puppies Behind Bars is a program in which strictly vetted prison inmates are taught how to train service dogs for returning veterans and for explosives detection. It is a sublime win-win situation which gives inmates a chance to give back, while experiencing the unconditional love of a dog, and for vets suffering from TBI, PTSD, and lost limbs to be able to rejoin their families and have a chance at a fulfilled life. I am very proud to have sponsored two dogs. I plan to sponsor one every year. Growing up surrounded by dogs, I have known first hand, from a very early age, how much they enrich our lives, providing humor, companionship, comfort and … always … love.

Each dog-in-training also has a whole team of people outside the various correctional facilities who help to socialize them. That is another way someone can help.

How do you see the role of women in today’s acting community?
Starke: In regards to today’s acting community, I'm proud, emboldened and thrilled to see that women are fighting for and engaging in strong (and funny!) roles that were usually reserved for men. I think the entertainment industry as a whole will benefit infinitely if women achieve a level playing field, and I hope members of the LGBTQ community have increased screen presence as well. When everyone is included, everyone wins ... period.