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Updated Jul 24, 2012 @ 4:30 pm
Glee Darren Criss
Credit: Courtesy of FOX; Getty Images

Darren Criss is excited to get back to filming Glee soon, and it doesn’t take much to get him into character. “I’m lucky, I can step into it,” he told us at last night’s FOX TCA party in Los Angeles. “They slicked my hair back and then I was there.” Aside from some good hair gel, the clothes help, too: “I have to wear things that are always a bit smaller than what I would wear," he said. "Blaine’s whole wardrobe is based on Thom Browne and Brooks Brothers—the high pants and tight shirt. He has a distinct wardrobe.” Criss’s off-duty style diverges greatly, opting for a less buttoned-up look, but still pulled together. “I’m very different from Blaine,” he said, adding (jokingly) that he dresses himself. “I do work with my stylist, but believe it or not, I do put my legs into my own pants and I get to say yes, no, maybe so. I’ve had to tie a few ties for some of the boys here.” Charming!

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— Lindzi Scharf