By InStyle Staff
Nov 30, 2012 @ 11:15 am
Donato Sardella/Getty

As Kurt on GleeChris Colfer has a knack for singing, drama, and that envy-worthy bouffant. But in real life, his gift-giving skills need some work! "I never remember to get gifts for my cast members," Colfer (in a Dior shirt and Bally tie) told at the HFPA and InStyle Miss Golden Globe party in Los Angeles last night. "They always get me things, but I never remember. I’m such a horrible person. Maybe this year I’ll remember!" We're hoping that maybe talking to us inspired him to make a mental note to shop for Lea Michele (in Valentino), Darren Criss, and the rest of the McKinley High School gang. At least he knows what he’ll get them when/if he makes time to go: "I always like getting gag gifts for people," he said. Who knew he was such a trickster?

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— Lindzi Scharf