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By Eric Wilson
Updated: Dec 04, 2015 @ 5:15 pm
District Vision

The Moment: I haven’t worn prescription glasses for years -- thanks Lasik! -- but I was wearing them when I first met Max Vallot, back when he was working in fashion public relations. I used to love wearing fancy, expensive glasses, actually, until the Delaware River claimed a favorite pair. (Obvious lesson: Don’t try swimming in glasses.)
Well, we’re all a little older and wiser, now, and Vallot, who still wears glasses, has come up with new concept that might have kept me in them as well. Recently, Vallot and his business partner, Tom Daly, started a new company called District Vision with the idea of creating high-style products for sports and wellness. Vallot and Daly have a lot of big ideas to bring like-minded athletes together -- you can read more on their site, -- starting with designs that make a lot of sense.

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First to market, and debuting both online and in a partnership with Dover Street Market this week, is a super-lightweight glasses design engineered to stay on your face during physical activity. They are designed to look chic and modern, but with adjustable nose pads and stems, and a coating that protects against water and oil residues, and are offered in three versions, one suitable for bright daytime activities, another for low light, with options for prescriptions. The styles range from $298 to $349.


Why It’s a Wow: It’s no secret that the fitness apparel has made great strides in recent years with designer collaborations and smarter fabrics, inspiring many people to wear workout clothes in their everyday lives, and the popularity of the “athleisure” category. So why not sharper sunglasses?
Vallot and Daly approached their design with a high-fashion mindset. It even features, in the place of one of those clunky straps, a thin, hand-woven Japanese ribbon that might even keep them in place in a river.

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Learn More: Meet the stylish denizens of District Vision on their site, and sign up for a running club if you like. Need a primer on athleisure? Look no further.