By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Jan 11, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
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Often times after a Glamsquad appointment, we're left wishing we knew how to recreate the exact handiwork the pro makeup artists have just demonstrated on us. As if they heard our beauty prayers, everyone's favorite on-demand makeover service has launched two new services in the New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles areas catering to those wishes. The first is The Makeup Lesson, which is exactly what it sounds like—simply pick one of the looks from Glamsquad's menu, and one of their pros will arrive at your scheduled date and time to show you how to create it on yourself. Armed with your own products, the Glamsquad makeup artist will essentially perform an IRL YouTube tutorial on one side of your face, and allow you to match the other as they guide you through the process. At the end of the appointment, you'll be left with a personalized face chart, and new knowledge about the intricacies of contouring.

If you're the type whose makeup bag is constantly bursting at the seams with products you probably don't need, go for the Makeup Refresher option, which will serve as a crash course on the items you should toss, what you should keep, and how to use the ones you end up holding onto. Glamsquad will send one of their artists over to look at your entire product catalog, so make sure to lay out all your makeup and tools prior to their arrival. During the visit, they will come up with a "makeup story" based around a consultation that highlights your everyday regimen and special-occasion preferences. After the pro takes a closer look at your product lineup, they'll identify what should be thrown out, as well as how to get more out of those underutilized lip colors and shadow palettes. Should anything need to be restocked, you'll be able to pick items from their Glamsquad kit, and your makeup artist will create a personalized face chart as well as a shopping list outlining the essentials for your basic beauty look. Head over to now to get more info on the new services, and to find out when they'll be available in your area!